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Millennials and their addiction with the phone are well known, that being said kids these days are always surrounded by one or the other device.  Which is why it isn’t surprising that they sleep with it too these days. Parents and their forever quarrel about the cons of the phone cannot be escaped out and the most common is how risky it is to sleep with your phone. But is it actually the truth? Does sleeping with your mobile phone causes cancer? Let’s go on this mystery ride and find out why it is advised not to sleep with your phone anytime.

  1. Ball of fire

We all know how the year of deadly fire catching turned out in 2016, even though it wasn’t only because of overheating but also because of the battery shape. That stated there are a few steps you can follow:

  • Charge your phone on wood rather than some flammable material as sheets, so that you don’t choke it in the night.
  • Use original chargers than some fake, cheap ones.
  • Unplug your device if you feel it’s warming up.
  1. Cancer emergency

We agree with the affirmation of phones emitting subtle electromagnetic radiation but we aren’t very confident about how it impacts human health. WHO did claim that phones give carcinogenic radiations but how do these waves impact us is still unknown. So even though it’s still under the microscope to take precautions we can put our phones on our side tables rather than next to us when we sleep.

  1. Sleep pattern

Having your phone next to you while you are tucked in can influence your sleep not just because of late-night Instagram stalking or texting but also because of the screen light which fires the neurons in the brain reducing the production of melatonin which impacts your sleep-wake cycle thus making you feel groggy in the morning. You can counter this problem by putting your phone away and stop using it an hour before bedtime.


So remember folks, Its as important to take care of yourself as is your work life or social life.

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