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Fast charging is the new hip in life and most people are trying to follow the trend. Why shouldn’t they, it’s a new revolution to the gadget world which everybody wants to make part of their life? The fast-charging aims to provide power at more than the typical 5 volts rate as compared to the usual USB standards, to be precise if your phone is quick to charge 3.0 compatible you can charge up to 4 times faster than conventional chargers.

So, when you make this sunshine part of your sky, you have to take care of a lot of other factors too.  

The obvious one being that your phone should support quick charge but other than that the USB you use should be adaptable to fast charging technology because none of the technology would be useful if you don’t own a fast charging cable.

And even though quick charge devices do have an added benefit of protecting our devices from over-heating, a good quality USB cable is necessary to support the high voltage of power the charger would emit. 

USB is like the sidekick to fast charging adaptors and it is as much important as is the hero.  So how can we ignore the quality of the food supplying tube to our phone?

From outside, a lot of wires look similar with the exception of maybe color or size but it is the construction that defines whether it's slow or fast and well it all comes down to the wire's ability to transfer the energy forward. All cables consist of four wires and how much energy the cable carries depends on these. The usual wires only carry .5A of power as compared to 2A by fast charging cables which clearly makes it a more desirable option. 

We have for you the woman of your dreams, AMX INFINITI USB-A TO USB-C CABLE, trust us that's where all the love is going these days.

So, always remember its what’s on the inside that counts!

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