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REVEALED: The Best Way to Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life!

Believe it or not, we can define comfort in three words: Bed, blanket! Let’s face it: does anything really beat putting the world (and your boss) on silent and snuggling in your blanket for a few hours of comfort-scrolling?  Well, actually, something does beat it. The freedom to turn on your side because your phone is fully charged! We at AMX know how much you need your down-time, and while we can’t get rid of your boss, we certainly can help you keep the charger away for longer so you can look at those memes all you want! Check out the following tips and keep that boss..err..we mean your charger at bay: 1. Charge As Little As You Can ...

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The REAL Reason You Shouldn’t Leave Your Phone To Charge Overnight

Let’s talk about ‘the one’ in your life. Someone you just can’t keep your hands off, someone you have to see first thing in the morning, sometimes even in the middle of the night..someone you just can’t live without. No, we aren’t making fun of your loneliness, silly! We’re talking about your phone.    via GIPHY  Now that we’ve mentioned your sweetheart, stop blushing and pay attention to her health! When we talk about the problems with charging phones overnight, the most common concern that comes to mind is: what if it gets overcharged and explodes? But wait, what if we tell you that’s nothing but a myth? Unless there is a serious manufacturing defect with your device model (and...

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