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For all the time since the new technology of phones came out till now, we have been stuck with the usual type A and B USB’s. But since technology has evolved that era is coming to an end. Finding which side gets into the phone is time-consuming and can be practically annoying. I understand the struggle has been real. But thankfully 2014 was the year for new sunshine and evolvement. Although as all changes take time, this one is also on its sweet slow journey. But the charm has been gathering attention and here are the dispositions: Reversibility This quality makes USB-C one of the most talented babies of the USB family. This accessory is the first one which is...

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Winter is coming and no not just to the GOT town but to our cities too and some of you who don’t like winters, I get you. This season can be really annoying from putting on extra layers to being out there shivering and ending this annoying list with is the most important fact, using phones. It gets difficult to not just use them but how the weather influences the battery of the device and it doesn’t just include your old phones but the newbies too. This mainly happens because of the Lithium batteries today’s devices use which are vulnerable to extreme hot and cold and make their energy go down at a much faster speed than your own shaking...

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The past of wireless charging has been a very intriguing journey, which is much more than the current advancement it has come to. From Faraday leading the charge to Nikola Tesla being a pioneer in different technologies to Noble generating experiments, the energy has just been transferring for better. By world war II, scientists had begun to look at microwaves as a source of wireless energy and even though there was progress in the technology, the fact which was pulling it behind was its practicality. The scope of wireless in the current century is quite bright and blinding. There are a lot of big brands jumping onto the arena of wireless and having fun with it. New technology is being...

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We all are aware of how battery deterioration starts happening, some of which you would have read in our previous blogs. The battery is obviously an important part of your device and keeping it safe and running is important as well as difficult. We can’t leave our phones for a long time because they are needed in most of our work and using them all the time does them no good. So, what do we do!? What do we sacrifice? I am sure you have read plenty of articles on quora about saving battery and they might have worked out or not. That’s where we step in and try to provide you with useful and workable steps you would like...

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