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Delhi summers are like sitting in a dessert with occasional waves of air and this time it worsened. So we never know what the future holds for us. Usually, summers are preferred for short dresses, sunbathing with sunblock on and how can we forget hotter than us phones. Whenever you walk out in deadly lanes of Delhi of summers you’ll realize that your device starts heating up without any reason or you have put your phone on charge but you have to keep the fan on in the room because of the room’s heat starts the phone’s fever. Normally this heating pad is one of the most common and major challenges the phone developers face because these could be the...

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  This new USB standard is a connector system that can be used to charge a variety of different devices and in addition, is way easier to understand and convenient in comparison to the other USB systems. The concept behind this is that you would eventually need a single wire to connect all the devices you need. So, as we suggested it comes way handier and makes things simpler and lighter. Most fast charging and quicker data transfer are in support with USB 3.1 which the C cables support, which comes in full circle with the fact that all you need is a single wire for all your work. The technology is gearing up and as promised to make things...

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Millennials and their addiction with the phone are well known, that being said kids these days are always surrounded by one or the other device.  Which is why it isn’t surprising that they sleep with it too these days. Parents and their forever quarrel about the cons of the phone cannot be escaped out and the most common is how risky it is to sleep with your phone. But is it actually the truth? Does sleeping with your mobile phone causes cancer? Let’s go on this mystery ride and find out why it is advised not to sleep with your phone anytime. Ball of fire We all know how the year of deadly fire catching turned out in 2016, even...

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Nobody wants to be bound to a place these days, whether its for work or pleasure. Humans are always on a move and we think so should the technology with them. The development of devices is aimed to provide comfort for the users and their experience is that what matters. So, when wireless technology was developed, it was kept in mind that it adjusts in the life of people who use it and helps them in making things easier. We have been using our usual old-fashioned chargers for a long time and we have seen the boon and the bane of them. So, why don’t you give no strings attached a chance and see how things go. What wireless charging...

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We are supremely addicted to our phones, which is the main reason we can’t have enough of it and let go. If it was possible to have a never-ending battery system, millennials would go for it blindly. But sadly, our devices also need a break as much as we do from our work life, it needs to have its food and recharge themselves for another session. So, when we put our device away for a break we tend to aim to get as high energy as possible and that might be harming it somewhere down the lane. Well as they say we love the ones we hurt, and this is not any different. Even though understand that it’s not humanly...

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