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Detangle Yourself From The Drama!

Getting caught up in the web of 100 wires and choking on it, do you get the same dreams!? Then you should definitely keep on reading!We are in a world where less is more and everything has a shortcut to it.In our everyday life, we focus on carrying as little baggage as possiblewith us, whether it’s to the workplace or our home. But every time we think of charging our devices it’s the same old fashion relationship with the adaptor and USB cable, have you ever thought about spicing things up!?If you haven’t so far, then this is the perfect place and opportunity foryou to try something new. How long will you stick to your usual wiremess and make it...

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Work Partners To Ease Up Your Day

There are all these articles about how to make a happy day at your officeor how you can wind down at the end of the day but nobody helps youunderstand how to work in such an efficient manner that you don’t haveto stress at the first place. We know easy to say, difficult to remember!Why don’t we, just help you figure out how to make your workdayseasy on you, so that your weekends are stress-free and chill.Work will never be easy on you and so neither should you, while you arekilling it. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a robot because there aredefinitely easier and less complicated ways to do it. Just drop yourprocrastination and work smart, not...

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The Emergency Gadget Kit For The Long Drive

You just checked the weather forecast in the morning and all it showed was heatwaves and now suddenly you look out of the window and there is the sudden pouring of love happening. Isn’t it exciting !? The petrichor! The smell of wet mud, adrak chai and everything in saturation bring nostalgia, right!? The first thing you think is texting your loved ones and asking them if they are free to catch up and do a long drive karaoke with your favorite 90’s music playing in the background. Doesn’t that all sound so refreshing!? But what if your phone battery starts to die as chhaiya chhaiya is playing and you realize that you badly need the google map too to...

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Music is part everybody's soul in one or the other way and you really can't escape this melodious experience.  Imagine you are traveling by metro and boredom has striked you bad, this accessory will save you from unwanted noise by providing a striking music experience that will make you groove and lift up your mood.We present to you AMX X1. Especially designed for music lovers, this accessory serves you minimal style and maximum quality. The ergonomic design is to offer you utmost comfort even when working out  while the earphones deliver a zestful sound quality at a wide frequency range of 20Hz - 20,000Hz. Well, isn't that what everybody looks in earphones!?Don't you brood, we have more for you in...

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Imagine you are sitting at home all cozy on a Sunday afternoon, watching your favorite show and suddenly your phone battery is at 1%. You run around the house to find your phone charger and the moment you put it on that life-supporting system, it dawns on you that the wire is too short to reach your bed and also your phone might get heated up in this scorching weather. So, the plan of binging on that show has just crashed and you are pissed at the technology. Isn’t that infuriating!? What if we tell you there might be a solution to that! Technology is changing and so has the way of charging. Even though we all love our dear...

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